Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Planning for the elderly in Jersey.

Deputy Roy Le Herissier was interviewed earlier, by the voice, describing the inadequacies of care for the elderly people in Jersey

Senator Freddie Cohen, the Minister for Planning was also interviewed here (2 Blogs down) extensively explaining his personal philosophies and planning policies.

On the 19th of February 2009 Freddies Planning Department REFUSED permission for Mrs.X - a well known campaigner for the rights of older people - to build a small wheelchair friendly bungalow in the garden of her house at Trinity which would be suitable for her and her severely ill husband and a resident carer.

ON THE OTHER HAND the same Planning Department GRANTED planning prmision on the 2nd of October 2008 for the construction of a new house for an applicant in St John to provide accommodation "to suit the needs for an ageing dependant relative" - the owner's mother - and this is for a structure that can be easily seen from the public road across open land and is to be detached from the main house which is a "paricularly fine site of Special and Historic Interest" in the Green Zone and for which no sewer is available.

The permission has been granted, so it seems, on the basis that some recently constructed stables will be demolished in order to construct the NEW HOUSE and it is implied that the new dwelling (which includes a Master bedroom suite plus another en - suite bedroom) will only be an extension of an existing staff unit. But the design drawings show otherwise. The new house is not integral with the staff unit - they are seperate dwellings with their own entrances and staircases, kitchens etc.

Yet the Planning Permit is worded;

"To remove existing stable block. Construct extension to and part of existing building and enlarge for dependant relative".

It may or may not be significant but the owner of this property is SENATOR FREDDIE COHEN the MINISTER for PLANNING and he claimed in his most recent election manifesto to be "an independent full - time politician with no conflicts of business interests" and he promised a "fairer society" with "equal rights and opportunities for all."

View the video below and SEE THE 2 SITES in their PROPER CONTEXT.


Senator Freiddie Cohen has objected to some of this Blog entry's content. "The Voice" has offered to publish the e mail recieved from Senator Cohen, which outlines his objections, but he refused this by saying "I do not publish comments on blog - sites." If any of the information is incorrect and Senator Cohen would like to correct it we would be more than happy to publish his corrections.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mario, Roy and an anxious parent

Regular readers of VFC will be well aware of my struggle to get either confirmation, or denial, of the very serious allegations made against the Director of Education Sport and Culture by Senator Syvret. Well I am sorry to say the struggle continues.

I still have absolutely no idea if the allegations have any merit but like any parent I would be failing in my duty if I did not do everything in my power to discover the truth. I do not see it as my job to have to take such desperate measures as to publish blogs and videos. I am only doing so because I believe this Government is failing my family, and all parents and children in the Education system and it seems I literally have no other option.

The Jersey Chief Police Officer, the senior Magistrate, a senior Surgeon and a senior charity executive are all currently suspended whilst proper investigations are made. If the allegations against the Director of Education have been made, as reported, then surely he too should be suspended, whilst proper investigations are made? Suspension (I believe) is a neutral act – it does not imply guilt. If the allegations are false why doesn’t anybody say so? Why allow parents to believe the allegations are true? Why doesn’t the Director for Education or his Minister deny them?

Our Government appears more interested in prosecuting two Deputies for trying to assist disabled, elderly or frail people to register to vote than reassuring parents.
Why don’t the scrutiny panel scrutinize? Who WILL ask the relevant questions? Who can a parent turn to in order to be assured their children are in safe hands?
Deputy Le Herissier offers the official scrutiny panel explanation, the Director of Education is tight lipped.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Senator Freddie Cohen

Below is an interview with planning Minister Senator Freddie Cohen. Senator Cohen talks indepth on issues such as the island plan, human rights, housing, town&country and a whole host of subjects which affect every one of us.

The video's have had to be put into 3 sections due to the limited time allowed on uploading. I would like to thank Senator Cohen for giving us his time, speaking openly and most imoprtant of all, supporting citizens media by agreeing to an interview.

The video's are self explanatory and are directly below. I am currently uploading an interview with Dr Gil Blackwood which I hope to publish on later on tonight.

jersey planning minister 3 part interview (part 1)

Senator freddie cohen part 2. Planning a ghetto. The New Island Plan and affordable housing. Ann Court. The £75 millions injec

Senator freddie cohen part 3. 10,000 new homes? Large urban areas to be flattened? People before cars. Public transport. Contin

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ann Court.......Another fine mess?

Jersey has a desperate housing shortage but the demolition and redevelopment of about 70 dwellings in the centre of St Helier in order to build a car park just about takes the biscuit!

Deputy Sean Power the “reluctant” assistant housing Minister tries here to defend the crazy scheme and local resident Laura Storey explains why the whole idea is absurd!

Power’s political Role is visibly not a happy one but when oh when will our elected representatives speak out against such housing and planning non-sense?

See also Senator Freddie Cohen’s interviews (coming soon) on this and related planning policy and Human Rights issues and how St Helier will be turned into a Ghetto………….

Part 2 of the interview is directly below.

Deputy sean power and Laura Storey 2