Monday, 26 January 2009

Trade Unions - Who needs them?

The Woolies scandal has revealed all manner of employment related problems but our Jersey Trades Unions are noticeably absent from the debate. WHY?

How many Trades Unions are there in Jersey? Where are they in the telephone directory? How can people join a union if they are afraid of losing their jobs or have work related disputes?

We asked Mick Corbel of the Jersey T&G union (Unite) for an interview but he declined our offer.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Woolies scandal; Deloittes acting illegally?

We on "the voice" have been asking for weeks by what authority the UK administrators Deloittes and Hilco have been operating in Jersey. And now surprise, surprise! it has been revealed they have not obtained the authority of the Jersey Royal Court, so this could mean they have been acting illegally!

How can so many highly qualified people get it so wrong and who is protecting the rights of the Woolies workers and other creditors? We are still asking - "where is the money?, where are the assets", and "why are none of our local "Journalists" demanding any answers"?

Senator Alan Maclean (the relevant Minister) who believes that Jersey is "well regulated" does not appear to have the answers! Deputy Tadier in his first few weeks in the States is evidently on the trail.

Enjoy the video!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Who cares in Jersey?

Yet another report on caring for the elderly has been produced but who cares for the young and the damaged?

Hear what Deputy Roy Le Herissier has to say and make your comments known below.

Caring, in my opinion, is about all Disabilities - not about Age.