Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mario, Roy and an anxious parent

Regular readers of VFC will be well aware of my struggle to get either confirmation, or denial, of the very serious allegations made against the Director of Education Sport and Culture by Senator Syvret. Well I am sorry to say the struggle continues.

I still have absolutely no idea if the allegations have any merit but like any parent I would be failing in my duty if I did not do everything in my power to discover the truth. I do not see it as my job to have to take such desperate measures as to publish blogs and videos. I am only doing so because I believe this Government is failing my family, and all parents and children in the Education system and it seems I literally have no other option.

The Jersey Chief Police Officer, the senior Magistrate, a senior Surgeon and a senior charity executive are all currently suspended whilst proper investigations are made. If the allegations against the Director of Education have been made, as reported, then surely he too should be suspended, whilst proper investigations are made? Suspension (I believe) is a neutral act – it does not imply guilt. If the allegations are false why doesn’t anybody say so? Why allow parents to believe the allegations are true? Why doesn’t the Director for Education or his Minister deny them?

Our Government appears more interested in prosecuting two Deputies for trying to assist disabled, elderly or frail people to register to vote than reassuring parents.
Why don’t the scrutiny panel scrutinize? Who WILL ask the relevant questions? Who can a parent turn to in order to be assured their children are in safe hands?
Deputy Le Herissier offers the official scrutiny panel explanation, the Director of Education is tight lipped.


Anonymous said...

Fine,keep it up. This is the kind of "raw journalism" we need and never find in the commercial media. I hope other readers will leave comments of support. It takes certain courage to chase our politicians and their civil servants.

Incidentally, I was amazed by Talkback this Sunday (08.02.2009) during which the BBC were praised and self praising, for their impartiality and blogs vilified for an absence of objectivity.

For the truth to be out we need information other than the selective soundbites of the establishment media. The more who read the blogs, the better informed we all shall be.

Courage. Down with deference!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That was a very good interview. Well done Mike and Neil.

I agree with Roy that these matters should be handled by the States complaints process and not go directly to the Minister. It should only become political if the complaints process does not appear to be functioning without fear or favour.

voiceforchildren said...

I am sorry to say I have had to remove two comments. This is because of advice given to me they may be libellous, or defamatory

I can not take the chance of being dragged through the courts, I know how these people operate!

Sorry I have had to remove the comments but I would ask you might understand my position.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for conducting this interview. Mr Roy Le Herrisier came out well in this interview in what must be a most difficult position indeed. I would be worried if I was still a parent of a child at school.

I am sorry I have to remain anonymous but I have a relative in a very difficult situation who would no doubt suffer if the authorities came to know was posting.

Truth Will Out

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Lundy's tight lips looked like a smirk. I would love to know what he was thinking - hope he is panicking. It was not so much what Roy was saying but what he wasn't saying that gives me hope. We do have some politicians with integrity!

Proud Survivor

Anonymous said...

No need to apologise V F C for having to remove a comment I sent in.
I quite understand, we know how these people work with intimidation and threats of liable.
Keep up the good work

rico sorda said...

Bloody Brilliant .. The VC is in the post


Anonymous said...

I find it chilling to watch these people, knowing what went on at Haut de la Garenne.


Anonymous said...

Well done, gents. It's good to witness your ever increasing confidence, and journalistic ability. Long may it continue.

Is it not about time that the disparate online entities combined their various talents under one journalistic banner?

I believe the time is right to formally establish a viable, and credible, alternative to our existing media outlets.

thejerseyway said...

Very good, well done on trying to get Lundy, but you weren't really expecting HIM to talk to you were you.

Has Roy been got at, or is he out of his depth.

Keep up with the hard work it must be tiring, to keep on hitting your head against a brick wall all of the time.

One Day said...

I wonder why he has never tried to clear his name?

Anonymous said...

I remain anonymous for fear of repercussions. Please continue with investigations of people in the Education department. I have genuine concerns for the children in our Education system as do many others 'lower down' the chain.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mario Lundy had to have a CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) check, as is standard now in the UK, prior to gaining his education posts in Jersey? Oh, of course such a thing doesn't exist in the island.

Now there's a surprise.

I now live in the UK, and am utterly disgusted by the lack of guts by the States in not suspending Lundy until he is proven guilty - or not. How can someone remain in post with such terrible allegations hanging over them? It truly beggars belief.

Someone needs to make the right decision for the safety of the island's children.

Anonymous said...

well done guys...get your readers to look at to see a lot of what drives what is going on here that is never explained.....good luck to you

Anonymous said...

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