Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ann Court.......Another fine mess?

Jersey has a desperate housing shortage but the demolition and redevelopment of about 70 dwellings in the centre of St Helier in order to build a car park just about takes the biscuit!

Deputy Sean Power the “reluctant” assistant housing Minister tries here to defend the crazy scheme and local resident Laura Storey explains why the whole idea is absurd!

Power’s political Role is visibly not a happy one but when oh when will our elected representatives speak out against such housing and planning non-sense?

See also Senator Freddie Cohen’s interviews (coming soon) on this and related planning policy and Human Rights issues and how St Helier will be turned into a Ghetto………….

Part 2 of the interview is directly below.


Anonymous said...

the houses in Ann Court always look good to me. Where is the sense in all of this

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Is the row of nice old historic houses leading to Toddy's Bar due for demolition as well? They're all boarded up. I would have thought Mr. A Ferrari and the usual Save Jersey's Heritage lot would be up in arms about yet another row of old townhouses vanishing?

Anonymous said...

I heard Power was going to support Deputy Martin's proposition.

voiceforchildren said...

"Is the row of nice old historic houses leading to Toddy's Bar due for demolition as well"? and
" I heard Power was going to support Deputy Martin's proposition".

Deputy Power has told me he will leave a comment on here. I'm sure he is as good as his word and he will use the opportunity to answer the questions.He did mention the row of houses asked about off camera yesterday but I can't remember what he said now. As for hearing he was going to support Deputy Martin's proposition, I heard that too.

Anonymous said...

VFC,VFJ,Good to see and hear both sides of the argument. I think power will do as he's told by telboy tho'

Anonymous said...

Ann Court to become a multi-storey car park to replace Minden Place which has concrete cancer and needs knocking down.

This was the reason I was given.

Anonymous said...

In response to the responder above who raised concerns about the houses leading up to Toddy's Bar, I have review the planning application for the temporary car park they are planning on the site in advance of the application for the MSCP.

The application states that the terraced houses bordering Ann Street are buildings of local interest.

From my sketchy notes taken at the time of reviewing the application, it appears that these buildings are currently vacated and boarded up prior to the imminent refurbishment by housing.


Anonymous said...

I hope I explained my, and numerous peoples, oposition to this proposition well.

This is not a NIMBY - this will effect commuters and residents alike, and also loose a valuable site of social housing to parking - at a time when TTS should be addressing road congestion and getting cars out of Town and implementing, and funding, a transport policy beneficial to all.

We have a petition going at the moment to raise awareness to the States that, whilst 16,000 people signed for a park on Gas Place, this was with the understanding that there would be under ground parking, NOT a MSCP on a social housing site. The States should not, and cannot, cherry pick what parts of a petition that want.

hopefully we'll be in town this Saturday with our petition but I will post back to confirm when and where we will be.


Anonymous said...

le main said on the sunday phone-in that demolition would commence almost immediately.
so any ideas of conversion of the flats will be defeated.