Sunday, 18 January 2009

Who cares in Jersey?

Yet another report on caring for the elderly has been produced but who cares for the young and the damaged?

Hear what Deputy Roy Le Herissier has to say and make your comments known below.

Caring, in my opinion, is about all Disabilities - not about Age.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why isn't this man Chief Minister?
Voice getting better and better well done!

One Day said...

More honesty than you see in the paper!

However I think there's alot more room for improvement across the whole care system - hopefully they will get better management in the future - too many chiefs not enough accountability.

Anonymous said...


No pomp and and bluff. Good interview with a very worthy interviewee. I am off to buy the Elixir of Youth before it is too late. Hmm maybe it is already to late I am in Creche for the elderly. So Sad! They have known for years that there is an elderly explosion because of the baby boomers what were they doing about it - Buying silly clocks and spending enormous amounts of money on plainly stupid projects we could have done without.

Truth Will Out

Anonymous said...

Yes , Yes and Yes....
Roy would undoubtedly have made a far better CM than TLS. Rather than divide the already polarized island, I think Roy would have been helpful in bridging the factions and moving Jersey into the 21st C, especially in social and political policies.
One Day, I too have noticed a disproportionate number of peacocks strutting around in the care departments. Yes they should be held to account for failings but you know how it goes. Bully the subordinate and the problem eventually goes away.
Truth Will Out also makes an interesting observation about wasted money and opportunities. The ageing problem has been known about since the 1960's but its only recently, just as the boomers begin to retire, that 'who will pay?' begins to take on more seriousness. How convenient...The boomer generation have done very well and they know it. Smaller social security contribution with non-working wives being entitled to a good pension, final salary pension packages, earlier retirement, relatively cheaper house prices and higher wages throughout their working lives, fewer stealth taxes, etc.
Roll on generations X, Y and Z...
Reverse all the above AND....
Now ask X, Y and Z's to pay for something that was known about before any they were born. Talk about failing responsibilities. What if X Y and Z decide to say 'no'?