Friday, 7 January 2011


We start the New Year here with an interview with Sam Lally.

He is a young man like so many others viewing the future with some apprehension.

Shall things get better or worse in 2011 – what opportunities lie ahead? A new place to live, a decent job, improved political representation – maybe even election to the States as a people’s representative?

We have heard a great deal during the past few years about the failings at the Jersey Hospital but Sam lives with the result of somebody’s neglect there, 23 years ago, every day of his life.

Naturally, he is concerned at the prospects for his welfare when the compensation money runs out – what then?

We propose to monitor Sam’s progress during 2011 and will return with more interviews as the months roll by…..

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


GeeGee said...

The best of luck indeed Sam - an intelligent and uncomplaining young man who shows no bitterness over his plight.

Will watch your progress with interest, and maybe somebody watching can offer you something to spend your days doing productively and with a financial reward.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Mr Lally says that disabled people do not complain because of their fear.
We have heard that before - is everybody afraid in Jersey? Jersey must be a very sick society.

Anonymous said...

Don't see any States members offering to get involved or offering to help here. Presumably they don't need the votes of disabled people.