Friday, 10 December 2010

French Asylum for Maurice Kirk.

Not since the French Revolution have Brits been granted political asylum in France - but Maurice Kirk tells us that he has been given sanctuary at Rennes today.

According to the information, the dangers that he might be shot, or sectioned, in Wales were enough to convince the French authorities to offer him their protection.

It’s a modern “Tale of Two Cities” - between Rennes and Cardiff.

Maurice’s attempts last week to gain protection in Guernsey (where he stood for election many years ago) or Alderney, were not successful and we interviewed him just before he left Jersey.

Perhaps the Prince of Wales, and his good wife, should seek protection in France too?

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Ahimsa said...

Poor Maurice Kirk. Please put the website up where we can sign the petition.

voiceforchildren said...


Kirk's Website

Maurice Kirk said...

Mes amis des Isles de La Manche,merci.
Yesterday I obtained asylum in France based on a story even I do not,often believe!
Myself, me thinks, 'rivers of blood' was long before its due time, but still, post Blair, absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

If Prince Charles of Wales did apply for asylum in France it would be history repeating itself yet again!

His royal ancestor Prince Charles did the same thing in the 1640's after he fled from England through Jersey. His father Charles I lost his head on the block in the winter of 1649. Both his sons - Charles 11 and James II - passed through Jersey and found sanctuary in France so Maurice has a right royal pedigree for his actions.

Perhaps Her Majesty's bailiffs might like to do something helpful for Maurice - and to demonstrate the international identity of the Channel Islands - by granting him sanctuary here if he needs it in the near future?

Haro, Haro, Haro aidez moi mon prince - on me fait tort....

Ian Evans said...

Truly Unbelievable!!!