Sunday, 20 June 2010

There’s one born every minute……. 

Well, not at the former Maternity Hospital now known as the Le Bas Health Centre in St Saviour’s Road but……. 
This extraordinary structure appeared there recently and we thought that the public should know more about it in this time of belt tightening and austerity. 
We did consider running a guess what it is for competition but couldn’t decide on an appropriate prize so for those who think it’s a bus shelter or outside sun-tanning booth…. 
In fact it is of course a bicycle shed – except that it’s not really a shed at all because it has no walls and the roof is so high that it affords no shelter from the weather either. 
So, if it is wet bums that our Health Execs are worried about then a bit of plastic wrapping would have been a cheaper option to slip over saddles – assuming (if you will excuse the expression) that anybody will ever use this smart ass new feature. 
In fact, we seem to remember that there already is (or was) an existing bike shed around the corner of this very same building – perhaps somebody has happy memories of it and of the unhealthy activities carried on there….. 
Anyhow, we understand that this fine structure cost in excess of £10,000 to create and that designer’s fees alone (Morris Architects according to the Planning Department file although it was exempt from needing Planning or Bye Law permission) were said to be £1,500…….. 
Oh well - perhaps cycling is good for the leg muscles but rots the brain. If anybody knows more do please tell us – and also let us know if any bicycles actually use it?

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


TonyTheProf said...

Hmm need someone to ask a question in the states!

Well done for finding this out.

JEP - where were you?

GeeGee said...

What an absolute JOKE, apart from the squandering of taxpayer's money.

Will they never learn?

Anonymous said...

That's half the value of lifeguard cover at HDP!

Anonymous said...

Your ever vigilant reporter was accosted by scarey Sarah Ferguson, the Chair of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel today.
She and her Panel are looking at CSR (political speak for the Comprehensive Savings Review) across all States departments.......
Unfortunately, she has already grilled Jet Jackson the President of TTS but she assures us that she will ask him about this cycle shelter ASAP......

watch this space but it could be a very painful result for the spend spend spend Constable and his crew.....

Thomas Wellard