Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stuart Syvret Returns.

Today saw the unexpected return of former Senator Stuart Syvret. Immediately after his arrival at Jersey Airport he was arrested airside so kept from the waiting media “accredited” and “unaccredited”. He was taken directly to the Magistrates Court for a special hearing where he was released on bail after refusing to stand on his feet for Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw, even after being warned he could be in contempt of court, to which he explained to Mrs. Shaw that he has nothing but contempt for the court.

Team Voice secured an interview, where we believe the “accredited” media were declined an interview despite their protestations.

As you will see in the (exclusive) video below, Team Voice will be interviewing the Senator, ex Senator, Mr. Syvret in-depth and exclusive to Citizens Media in the coming days.


The Impaler said...

Let us know where he is staying, there are some people that want to speak with him seeing as the justice system isn't dealing with him properly.

Jacques said...

Well done VCF. A great interview and looking forward to part two.

Anonymous said...

The man is a fraud. More chance of getting a knighthood than getting back into the States. Emma Martins must be sharpening the cutlery tonight amongst other people.

Rob Kent said...

Re "seeing as the justice system isn't dealing with him properly."

Hey, you're catching on to the kind of justice system you have in Jersey. You are obviously a natural supporter of Stuart's since that is what he has been banging on about for the last two years, in case you hadn't noticed.

Get out there on the campaign trail, Vlad!

Anonymous said...

great news, welcome back Stuart,let battle commence

Anonymous said...

The Impaler said...

Let us know where he is staying, there are some people that want to speak with him seeing as the justice system isn't dealing with him properly.

Oh please!
Which one of the abusers or abuse cover up merchants is this message from
Lets face it you wont harm Stuart, as you dont know what evidence he has waiting in the wings about you to be published

Anonymous said...

Yes,well done VCF.Stuart has a new voice now and has no need of the others.What a lovely slap in the face for them after all the untruths said about him over the years.Payback time?Camelia.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Stuart

You have already got the heckles up of a few pro child abuse concealers
You really are getting to close for comfort for the guilty

rico sorda said...

Welcome home stuart, a classic day for sure.

The work starts now. This will not be easy or straight forward, the JEP has done a first class hatchet job on you most of the voters read and believe that crap.

The establishment will be getting all their folk out voting, they will even give Gino the vote before you, this will not be easy we must all do our bit in this by-election.

We cant just think stuart will walk in


Proud Survivor said...

Wonderful interview VFC. It is the most I have ever seen Stuart smile and it is good to see him back home. I hope he finds somewhere safe to stay soon


Anonymous said...

VCF, thank god for an independent VOICE
Keep up the good work
Just watched interview with Alan Breckon
most interesting
Will be phoning all states members that voted against independent enquiry into health and social services

Ian Evans said...

I have posted the ctv video, and "The Voice" video, the difference is quite remarkable!

Two completely different stories about the same story? Only in Jersey mlove eh !!!

Auntie Bridget seemed a lot more concerned about Stuart standing in court in awe of her presence, that she did about the underlying factors in this case. Not the way forward for democracy.

So the plebs steal a little victory, defiance is a wonderful virtue when carried out with manners and honesty.

Looking forward to the interview you guy's xxx

Ahimsa said...

Good interview and can't wait to hear part 2.

A very Welcome Back and we look forward to your re-election to your rightful place as Senator in the next election.

Truth and nothing but the Truth

Anonymous said...

Welcome back stuart. and nice work VCF.

let the battle begin.xxx

luv to ya all

Anonymous said...

An excellent snub of the official government media. They will be annoyed that they did not get an interview whilst the bloggers did. A small victory.

The Establishment were relatively light in their treatment. This is ominous. They are playing a long game. They hope the forthcoming by-election will be the killer. Watch out for practices fair and foul.

Ian Evans said...

Pure Class V.F.C

Anonymous said...

Stuart will walk in and do what? He was powerless whilst in there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Stuart you are a living legend.... Will be voting for you....(again!)

Anonymous said...

Whereas I won't. C'est la vie, eh!

Anonymous said...

The Ego has landed!

Anonymous said...

where is the promised in depth interview ?

voiceforchildren said...

The promised interview?

All being well I intend on filming and publishing the interview in the next couple of days. Hope to have the first part of the interview published over the weekend, or Monday the latest......all going to plan