Thursday, 27 May 2010

The MET “Interim” Report DOES NOT exist.

That is the opinion of Deputy Trevor “Big Trev” Pitman, along with a growing number of politicians and members of the public.

Regular readers/viewers of Team Voice will know that we have been trying to verify the existence of the MET “Interim” Report for quite some time and will continue to do so. Big Trev is now convinced it does not exist, and who can blame him? Here is a crucial document alleged to back up the letter sent by acting Chief of Police, David Warcup, criticising his boss’s (CPO Graham Power) handling of the Haute de la Garenne Child Abuse investigation, which subsequently led to the (illegal?) suspension of our most senior Police Officer and only David Warcup, that we know of, has ever seen it!

Now it's (whatever it is) locked away in a bl--dy safe where no-one apart from David Warcup can get sight of it and he is supposedly on holiday. Team Voice believe a document does exist and we believe it is more of a “favour” from a mate of David Warcup’s sending him an e-mail to help him, or/and others to “nail” Graham Power.

Although we have no evidence to back that theory up, that is not our fault, until Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand, or anybody else can give us proof, to the contrary, what choice do we have?

You will notice that Deputy Pitman is “none the wiser” after asking a question in the States of Senator Le Marquand. Deputy Bob Hill also is “none the wiser” for asking a question of Ian Le Marquand in the States. Time to start making the back benchers and general public that little wiser Senator………it’s not only Graham Power's reputation that’s on the line, IT'S YOURS!!

Submitted by VFC.


Anonymous said...

I am coming to the fast conclusion that Le Marquand is one of the worst culprits in all of this.

The reason I feel this is that he relies on the erroneous public perception that because he is a former judge and (apparently) a devoted christian, he must be telling the truth.

The reality is that he wriggles and squirms, prevaricates and obfuscates. He will never give a straight answer to a straight question because deep down he knows that it is wrong to tell an outright lie. As a lawyer he should know that an ommission can be as bad as an act. He is, most certainly, protecting the establishment.

If he truly believed in truth and justice he would tell it how it is, turn over any stones in his way to get to it and hang the consequences for Warcup, Ogley and any others involved.

The fact that he doesn't makes him a hypocrite of the very worst kind.

Le Marquand (you do not deserve the respect of a title), I know you read this blog. You should be very, very ashamed of yourself. As much as I am of you.

voiceforchildren said...

Sorry. After advice I have had to remove the last comment as it might be seen as libelous or defamatory, as the people were named.

I do apologise as I do want people to share their thoughts on here but I do not want to fall foul of any laws. If I believed we had a fair un politicised judicial system over here I might be willing to take the chance because I would get a fair trial.

Unfortunately I know how things work over here, and it's really not worth the risk!

rico sorda said...

Good Interview VFC

Citizen media and Big Trev finding the truth

I sure hope that whatever is in that safe is an official report becuse if its not oh boy will we need some answers


Ian Evans said...

Very well said Trevor Pitman.

You really have stepped up to the plate in the last year or so. Your attitude, and obvious honesty and integrity is very much respected by myself and others.

I am now convinced that you will go on to be a top flight politician in Jersey, and will remain respected and uncorrupted.

Kindest regards, Ian

Anonymous said...

OK. So since this was taped ILM has finally given Deputy Pitman an answer - miracles do happen after all! So maybe something does exist. The question that Trev really wants the answer to and so do we is still...


What price that before anyone can see it we hear the 'report' has been unfortunately eaten by a hungry police dog? What price that there is nothing in the report at all that justifies Mr. Power's treatemnt?