Saturday, 3 April 2010

JCLA Press Release.

The Jersey Care Leavers Association have issued the following Press Statement. Which is a stark reminder to us all that REAL people have suffered REAL atrocities whilst in the “care” of our government.

The one’s that are fortunate enough to still be with us, and the families of those who aren’t, carry on living this nightmare on a daily basis and deserve recognition and not least JUSTICE and AN APOLOGY.

To Carrie and the JCLA. The “good” people of Jersey recognise your suffering, even if we are not capable of comprehending the true extent of it.

I am sure Lenny Harper, his dedicated team of professionals and CPO Graham Power appreciate the full support of the Care leavers.

Press Release

From Jersey Care Leavers Association
For attention of Newsrooms
Dated: 2nd April 2010…For immediate release and action
Issued by: Jersey Care Leavers Association

2nd April 2010.

Over the past couple of weeks the subject of the suspension of the Chief of Police Graham Power has once again been prominent in the headlines and on the radio with conflicting reports.

Naturally, this impacts once more on all the care leavers who have been, and still are, part of the Abuse enquiry who are continually subjected to innuendo, doubt and having to re-live periods of their life that they would prefer to put behind them.
Until this whole Abuse enquiry, and Mr. Power’s suspension are finalised our emotions are once again brought to the surface, discussed in the media and furthermore ridiculed by our Home Affairs Minister on last Sunday’s BBC radio Jersey’s talkback programme when suggesting that 65 teeth ‘accidentally’ fell through a gap in the floorboards at Haut de la Garenne, a flippant remark which does not sit well with a lot of the Care Leavers and the general public.

Contrary to what has been suggested at no time were we given false hope of convictions by Lenny Harper and his team. We were invited to come forward with information as part of the ongoing investigation, and at all times were treated with dignity, respect and understanding in our dealings with the investigation team at that time. It is indeed due to the sympathetic manner we were dealt with that we felt at ease talking with this team, and thanks to that, some convictions have taken place.
It is indeed unfortunate that the resurfacing of the media publicity surrounding Mr Power’s suspension which now appears to relate to the historic abuse enquiry handling, has led to yet more trauma for the survivors.

May we request some respect for our feelings in this matter not only from the media, but from some politicians who make light of some of the evidence when asked for an opinion.

We have suffered greatly as it is – we do not deserve to suffer more.
Furthermore, we now have in the public domain the findings of the independent review enquiry by the JCPC which has highlighted a shocking case of abuse and neglect within a family situation which was allowed to continue for 12 years. This was due to a failure, lack of communication and action by all the agencies involved. A damning indictment indeed which would make us query how many other abuse cases have been handled in the same manner or glossed over.
Concerns over the failings and the failed were highlighted by Senator Stuart Syvret some time ago, and as a consequence he was sacked from his position as Health Minister in 2007
What does this say about our Government and the agencies concerned?
Likewise, when Senator Alan Breckon brought forward a proposition for an enquiry into child protection last year it was heavily defeated, and furthermore two former Health Ministers voted against it.

Again, what does this say about our Government?
We support wholeheartedly Senator Alan Breckon’s call for an enquiry and debate into the management of Health and Social Services and would ask all States Members to support this course of action, which is imperative to re-assure us that lessons have been learnt and will be acted upon.
Is this too much to ask?
Carrie Modral
Jersey Care Leavers Association


GeeGee said...

Stay strong all of you - your time WILL come, and never forget the saying 'Oh how the mighty fall'.

They will.

Ian Evans said...

No Carrie

it is not too much to ask, it is indeed a minimum requirement of any Government that purports not to be a dictatorship!

Unless our politicians show their utter contempt for the situation, and the manner in which it has been conducted, there is little hope of justice from inside of Jersey.

If our purported Government do nothing, then it is high time we by-pass their nonsensical rantings and lame excuses, and take matters beyond them. If we cannot fight our way through them, we should be going around them, I fear it is the only way left open.

Any politician worth his/her salt would have rallied the troops and all walked out of office, TOGETHER !!!

Unfortunately, this takes courage and leadership, qualities that a large amount of our States members do not possess.

Regards Ian xxx

"Courage, is when you know you are licked before you start, but you start anyway and see it through to the end, no matter what."

Proud Survivor said...

Thank you for this clear and concise report Carrie. It says it all and cannot be refuted by anyone of integrity.

I agree with everything the statement says about the way we were handled when interviewed for the abuse investigation. We were never given any false hopes but what we said was taken very seriously and some of us still live in hope that our evidence will one day see the light of day and bring the abusers to justice.

Whatever smoke screen is sent up to cloud the truth; whatever pits are dug to dispose of the evidence; whatever lies are told by people who should know better to protect those who are indefensible, the facts remain. Children were physically, sexually and emotionally abused in Haur De La Garenne and other "care" homes in Jersey for decades. Also there are remains of dead children in HDLG and we need to know when and how they died.


Anonymous said...

No it is not too much to ask.
You have called upon states members to give you the support that you unquestionably deserve. I hope they listen.

mac said...

It's not to much to ask, unfortunately not enough of our states members have the backbone to stand up and be counted, they probably feel it's easier to ignore what has happened and in all probability still happening.

Anonymous said...

Dear VFC

Thank you for publishing the JCLA press release onto your blog. Sadly, some of the feedback that I am receiving suggests that what I am saying is that the care leavers want the media to stop broadcasting news on the historical abuse investigation and to leave them alone.

Nothing could be further from the truth, infact; quite to the contrary, we want this to stay in the public eye for as long as it takes for the entire truth to be revealed for all to see and for the care leavers to finally get justice.

They are fed up with the constant barrage of diatribe being fed to the media from, among others, our most senior members of our Government. They are constantly ridiculing the entire investigation and in doing so, they are causing more damage to the already venerable survivors of child abuse.

Don’t they realise that this will never go away; the historical abuse investigation is now part of Jersey’s history and will remain there forever. Sooner or later, whether it be our Government of today or of tomorrow, judgment day will come and the entire truth will be revealed. And, until that time comes, we must not allow this to be buried, not least of all, for all those children who could not live with the abuse any longer and sadly took their own lives. We owe it to them to keep this alive until justice is finally seen to be done.


Anonymous said...

Carrie, you are one lady to be admired. I wish you and all those you speak for well, indeed those who are trying very hard to 'cover up' the crimes against the children of Jersey, be it today or yesterday will indeed one day have to answer for their gross failures. Keep on going - you are the ones who are showing restraint and diplomacy when in actual fact you could be shouting from the rooftops. They really should for the sake of all Jersey Islanders start showing some honesty and decency - of course they won't but one day their gross failures will indeed catch up with them.

TonyTheProf said...

By way of reminder.

The Deputy of St. John:
Could I first begin by congratulating the Chief Minister on the superb way he has dealt with the media frenzy in the last couple of days. Will he be taking exception with the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) over the technique that Jeremy Paxman used last night - the very biased technique he used - in interviewing the Chief Minister last night? Will he be taking this up with the B.B.C.?

Senator F.H. Walker:

Prior to the Newsnight interview, I have already taken up concerns with the B.B.C. that cameras were running when I was not told that that would be the case, and that breaches one of the basic ethics of the B.B.C. as I understand it. I have not yet decided whether I will be taking another complaint forward on the facts that Mr. Paxman totally misquoted me with his opening question and then refused to accept my answers to those questions. Whether or not I do that is a matter for some consideration. I fear that if I do I will make little progress in any event, but that is not necessarily a reason for not doing so.

The Deputy of St John, Andrew Lewis, was yet to be Home Affairs minister!