Thursday, 5 November 2009

White Poppies for peace in Jersey.

Remembrance on the 11th of November is dominated by the Red Poppy theme and sales display boxes seem to be on every shop, pub and garage counter besides street sellers trays.

This year Team Voice has distributed a few white Poppies for peace as part of the long established Peace Pledge Union (PPU) campaign.

We have been pleased how many people have said that they have been trying to obtain a White Poppy for years in Jersey and we hope that the white alternative might become a regular feature here every November.

We are pleased too that some States Members accepted White Poppies to wear - often alongside their existing red British Legion flowers and badges.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


TonyTheProf said...

and I'm hoping to get some Purple Poppies for the animals who have suffered in wars.

Anonymous said...

Is that a serious suggestion or just the usual covert sniping at people who are really try to do some good?

Why not contact Bridget Murphy - feel sure she would be happy to assist you. Animals have suffered greatly in wars and in medical experimentation.

It's a great pity that Bridget has been so diverted from her animal rights crusading to that of defender of the Jersey establishment. Perhaps you might encourage her back to the more important task?