Friday, 27 November 2009

Masters of Disguise.

Let’s have a quick look at the States Employment Board and how they‘ve been duped.

If our powers that be, and their very friendly media, are to be believed then the States Employment Board are responsible for employing, or appointing, some expert masters of disguise who are actually really bad people that are trying to make or government look bad, you don’t believe me?………. Well read on!

First of all they are/were ultimately responsible for the employment of Simon Bellwood. A highly competent and able social worker with fine credentials and pedigree in Social Services and in particular Child Protection………………..or was he?

Mr. Bellwood was employed by our States to work up at Greenfields, formerly Le Chennes, children’s secure unit up at Five Oaks. Despite his, up until then, very successful career in this field and indisputable qualifications he is/was infact a complete madman and trickster, part of a very large organization attempting to make our government look bad.

He had managed to dupe, one would imagine, a wealth of people employed by the SEB into believing he wanted what was best for our most vulnerable children in the States “care” system. But it didn’t take long before his alter-ego raised it’s ugly head! He started making claims like the regime(s) up at Greenfield were actually abusive towards the children they are supposed to be caring for! Can you believe that? One minute he is a competent, well respected childcare professional with a CV to prove it, the next thing you know he’s making wild and crazy accusations that effectively our government are abusing children! One can only assume he was a master of disguise who’s real intentions were to make our government look bad, and rightly so he was got rid of, and thank god there’s not too many of him around!

Not to be out-done this seasoned delusional Jekyll & Hyde character took his absurd accusations to an even more delusional and deceptive character than himself! Yes I know you can’t believe it but wait ‘til you hear this!

He took these claims to a man called Stuart Syvret who was the Minister for Health and Social Services who turned out to be a real master of deception. Stuart Syvret had successfully duped no less than 15,000 people to believe he was going to serve their best interests by representing them as a States member, so in comparison Simon Bellwood was a mere amateur of deception, no matter how many people he had deceived it was nowhere in the region of 15,000. On top of this he managed to get our States Assembly to elect him as Health Minister.

So Senator Syvret’s alter-ego subsequently raised its ugly head and he started making equally absurd allegations but being the true pro that he is, Senator Syvret went a couple of steps further! Not only did he agree with Mr. Bellwood, he started saying that Civil Servants should be held to account! Well what to do? Get rid of him and thank god there’s not too many of him around!

But there was!

The seasoned master of deception that the (now ex) Health Minister is, he managed to dupe a group of people called The Howard League for Penal Reform into believing that what he and Mr. Bellwood were saying just might actually be true, that our government have been engaging in illegal and abusive treatment of the children in their care.

And would you believe it? The Howard League for Penal reform were also masters of deception and disguise! They too just wanted to make our government look bad and they were even more seasoned at trickery than the master himself because they had managed to dupe THE WHOLE WORLD into believing they were some kind of authority on how’s best to care for children!

They came up with a report that in all intense and purposes agreed with all that Simon Bellwood and Senator Syvret said and it really didn’t make our government look very good! Our government, and it’s media, couldn’t have the good people of Jersey being duped by such a gang of professional tricksters and downright unbelievable stories of illegal and abusive regimes, Civil Servants being held to account and all that!

No that just wouldn’t do.

The good public of Jersey needed to be told something much more believable than that and as luck would have it they had just the two men and the media to do it.

You see while all these shenanigans were going on with Syvret, Bellwood and the Howard League for penal Reform there were two other masters of deception and disguise that were trying to make our government look bad and had managed to convince the government that they were good honest cops!! But they weren’t!! I know I can’t believe it myself!

These two slippery individuals went by the name of Chief Police Officer Graham Power and Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper. Now these two characters really had honed their skills in the art of deception! They had spent most of their adult lives fighting crime locking up Child Abusers, Gangsters, murderers and such ilk and even duped the bloody Queen into decorating them! The Queen for god’s sake!! these guys really are the con artists of the century. They had a long and distinguished career in several Police forces and locked up many a bad guy at considerable threat to themselves and their families all so they could come over to Jersey to make our government look bad.

Deputy Chief Officer Harper started saying things along the lines of children were horribly sexually, physically and emotionally abused and possibly by people who were employed by our government, which again would mean that Civil Servants might be held to account and our government would look bad.
Luckily Deputy Chief Officer Harper was retiring so at least he will be out of the way. But what about Chief Officer Power? Well since the government knew he was part of the “make Jersey look bad gang” along with Bellwood, Syvret and the Howard League for Penal Reform, they just had to play him at his own game.

They would pretend they are doing everything by the book, suspend him, and get their top Civil Servant to destroy his notes of the suspension hearing, you see sometimes you have to set a thief to catch a thief, play them at their own game. That’s a sign of a good government, one that can play these slippery tricksters at their own game and able to think outside the box.

So for the believable story the public needed to hear and the men to tell it. They were Mick Gradwell and David Warcup and their story had to be believed because it is a story that just couldn’t be made up.

During his investigations Deputy Chief Officer Harper and the police forensic and archaeological team he had managed to dupe discovered, at a Jersey Children’s home, some 65 teeth with a number of them still having root attached suggesting they did not come out of the child’s mouth before death. They also discovered what was identified as a piece of child’s skull. The alleged child’s skull, it has been reported, went on to change size, shape, wait and texture and then mysteriously disappeared!

So with the Howard League for Penal Reform and their ghastly report, Syvret, Bellwood, Harper and Power all conspiring to make our government look bad. Mick Gradwell and David Warcup, with the help of the ever so friendly media held a press conference to coincide with the releasing of the HLFPR’s ghastly report and told the public something much more believable than any of the tricksters could dream up.

That is the children’s teeth that still had root attached and that could not have come out before death were in fact teeth that were left out for the tooth fairy! The alleged piece of child’s skull that allegedly changed weight, size and texture before just vanishing was a piece of coconut!

So let this be a warning to any future slippery shysters that want to come over here and start talking about child abuse, cover up or any such like to try and make our government look bad. Just remember any evidence, documentation or commendations from the Queen you might have, you’re not going to fool the good people of Jersey.

Our government will know just what you are up to and so will their media!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post.

Although, I fear it will go over the head of any JEP reader (or editor)come to that.

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Rob Kent said...

You are making all that up, aren't you? Aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Great satire, which goes to show just how crazy the 'truth' according to the establishment is.

Some may believe one 'rogue player', at stretch maybe two, but three!, four!!, five!!! and who knows how many more.

Anonymous said...

Great post, maybe the slumbering giant of the majority of islanders are starting to take notice as to how well the island is being run, just in time for the elections.

GeeGee said...

Excellent stuff! Maybe it should be part of the job description for any States job to have the following qualifications;-

a)You must have NO moral fibre
b)You must NOT have the courage of your convictions
c)You must NOT speak out against wrongdoings you may be aware of, however dire they may be
d)You must be prepared to be a sycophant, 'brown-nose' and economical with the truth

If you can fulfil all of the above we will then consider the skills you have in relation to the job.

Coming to Jersey with the prospect of employment will NOT be Life Enriching if you do not fill the above criteria.