Monday, 29 June 2009

Video Rodeo (part 2) What a bunch of Cowboys!

So public consultation is off!!

Senator Shenton, Chairman of the Scrutiny Panels Chairmen’s Committee has changed his mind. We on “The Voice” thought that we had a breakthrough and that the general public, Bloggers and “Journalists” would all be encouraged to voice their opinions before any more crazy rules or legislation was proposed.

But now it’s back to the dark ages again and Constable Juliette Gallichan and PPC are to be lumbered with the problem of finding a way to keep Bloggers sidelined whilst the so called “accredited” media only enjoy privileged access to “public” meetings such as Scrutiny hearings.

For fuller details of the “plot” so far see our previous Blog below and others on this site.

We have offered to publish any comments from these committees or any others of our so called elected “representatives".


Ahimsa said...

I rather view and listen to picky the penguin, at least he makes sense.

Linda Corby said...

Typical, so the cover ups of the cover ups will continue!

Well done, keep up the good work VFC *-)

Anonymous said...

I can't work out if shenton is one of the good guys or bad guys?