Friday, 12 June 2009

DIVERSIFICATION – the Guantanamo Bay Way

GOOD NEWS for Jersey’s ailing economy! Never mind about the unstable monoculture of the Tax Haven oops Finance economy – we can now throw open the doors to a dozen very valuable ex Guantanamo prisoners.

Little Palau Island in the Pacific (pop 20,000) – one of the smallest Republics in the world – has agreed to take 17 ex prisoners from the Cuban hell-hole and the American Government is paying them 200 million dollars to do so.

And British Bermuda (pop 68,000) has also agreed to take 4 prisoners too – which ought to be worth about 50 million dollars or, at least a high rating on the OECD list of approved Tax Havens.

(see the Vexed Bermoothes blogsite HERE)

So why worry about GST or our other tax raising problems or financial constraints – just get Terry 1 to phone Washington DC and place the order now before all the best prisoners are disposed of and they can be granted IIK (Social) Housing consents in a jiffy by Terry 2.

And, whilst we are at it, why not throw in a few homeless Gurkhas too – now that we are on a Human Rights roll.
Surely the UK Government would re-instate the Reciprocal Health Arrangement if Jersey takes a dozen or more of these ex British War heroes.

Furthermore, the population of Jersey could soon reach the planned 100,000 and just think of how much lovely money that would be. We might even be able to employ some more civil servants or consultants. Happy times ahead!!!!! We could solve all our problems within 2 years; build the Esplanade Quarter, construct 10,000 workers dwellings at St John and declare independence too and there would be no need for any further Strategic Plans. Oh thank the Lord for Obama and Brown.

Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


TonyTheProf said...

It's just like on of those cases (with immigration) mentioned in the Reith lectures!

Anonymous said...

Should the ex prisoners be classed as Terryists?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to observe the fallout from Bermuda's decision. The UK is protesting that Bermuda exceeded constitutional powers by agreeing the deal directly with the USA and that the USA broke convention by negotiating without consultation with the UK. Red faces all round.

Within Bermuda it seems that their exotic Premier Ewart Brown cooked up the deal without consulting with anybody and even the Bermudian AG might have been excluded and that Premier Brown has Independence for Bermuda aspirations.
Once again the creaking sounds can be heard with Britain's small territories and we must all wonder just how much longer can the UK claim ultimate control over Bermuda, Gibraltar, The Turks and Caicos etc and J,G and the IOM?

Shake this tree hard enough and it will fall.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is strange to see all this UK fussing over Bermuda's contrary decision when there is so little interest in maintaining jurisdiction over Jersey's corrupt handling of child abuse, even when some of the victims were brought over from homes there.