Thursday, 12 March 2009

Scrutiny V Blogging rights continued........

Although Senator Shenton is chairman of the Scrutiny Panel Committee that has effectively censored video Bloggers he is uncertain - as this latest interview confirms - whether his Committee has such powers or the means to apply them!!

Alas, it is yet another example of our so called "elected representitves" leaping in to legislate, with dubious authority and without evidence of justification.

These rules were specifically aimed at "The Voice" but we weren't even consulted and we still don't know what is planned next. The matter has been referred to PPC and more legislation is threatened which will affect all media and all our rights of "free expression"


Dan said...

I'm looking forward to a video of a silent meeting!

A Mexican stand-off Jersey style.

It just goes to show how backward some of our politicians are, if they won't participate in a meeting just because there is a camera present.

voiceforchildren said...


It could be quite interesting as by Senator Shenton's own admission their "new rule" has no lgislative power. So if I was to start filming a scrutiny panel meeting, in reality it appears there is nothing they can do about it. It's not against the law and is not an approved policy!

It's appears to be just another one of our esteemed leaders "shoot first and ask questions later knee jerk reaction" (half) policy.

TonyTheProf said...

Your interviewing style is getting very good. You ask just the right questions, but are not aggressive, and you allow plenty of time for your interviewees to answer the questions.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be amusing if you could join the journalists union and be allowed into States meetings again... or even the Chamber itself. Surely that would qualify you to sit in the press gallery at the very least, LOL!
How exactly do CTV and the BBC get the right to film in there...?

voiceforchildren said...


Anonymous said...

The media aren't allowed to film or take photos in the States Chamber. The only time they are is on very special occasions such as a royal visit, or the first sitting after an election etc. and then they have to apply for special permission on each separate occasion. I trhink the members have to put to the vote whether they will allow cameras in for these special occasions and they can dictate what can be filmed, or photographed and from where in the chamber.