Friday, 27 March 2009

"Journalism" the JEP way.

The JEP once more has "come up trumps." Those of you who have read the previous postings on here regarding how the Scrutiny Chairmens Panel have come up with a new "rule" in order to hinder members of the public and Bloggers videoing Scrutiny hearings will be aware this is almost certainly a dicrimatory "rule" and was put in place purely to "inhibit" Bloggers and not accommodate them.

One could be forgiven after reading this in the JEP that we have an open Goverment trying to be transparent. When nothing could be further from the truth.

It is a shamful piece of "Jounalism" where the "Journalist" has taken a soundbite from Ben Shenton and published it with doing little or no research at all!

I have e-mailed the JEP and offered them the "facts" as their story is a very poor reflection of them (the facts.) I even phoned them to offer the facts and talked with Andy Sibcy, who told me Rob Shipley or Chris Bright wouldn't want to talk with me. The "facts" are members of the public were allowed to video Scrutiny hearings up until, I believe, the 18th of February this year. After a complaint was made about VFC our esteemed leaders must have thought "how do we shut the Bloggers up"? and came up with this ridiculous new "rule" It wasn't as the JEP published. "Senator Shenton said that the whole matter of filming Scrutiny hearings came to light when a member of the public wrote on his blog that he wanted to video one".

The JEP are now in possession of the facts but as Andy Sibcy informed me they will not be publishing them unless they run with the story at a later date, never let the facts get in the way of a good story eh? I wouldn't mind but it's not even "a good story" it is a "sounbite" which is inaccurate and in my opinion misleading.

What future can the JEP believe it's got when it peddles out this kind of tripe? If you haven't watched the video's and extensive reporting on this subject please scroll down on the main page and watch them, it has been covered in depth and paints a very different picture to that of the JEP.

Here is a copy of the content, in the unanswered, e-mail I sent to their online editor.

For reasons only known to yourself you have once more "censored" fair comment made by me on the Scrutiny videoing article submitted by Dolores Cowburn here It is a missleading article and not factual. I believe your paper should issue an apology to it's reader for misleading him/her. For the "real story" please look here If there is no apology given I shall make a complaint to the relative authority. For the benefit of the people BCc'd in to this e-mail here is my "fair comment" that was not published.

"Either Ben Shenton has told you a complete pack of lies or this is yet another piece of ill researched shoddy "journalism" one has come to expect from your paper.Start reporting the "facts" and give your readers the "truth" of how members of the public have been filming Scrutiny Panel hearings for quite some time. And how the Oligarchy and it's media are trying to squash the public and it's opinion in a discriminatory manner.You people at the JEP are so, so, sad. Somebody tell Shipley and Bright about the internet will you"? VFC.


voiceforchildren said...

Furthermore how the Rag's story can be deemed as ill researched, half baked and misleading is when you take this bit from it's "story"

"Senator Ben Shenton said that despite the fact that other parliaments around the world did not allow video cameras, he wanted the Scrutiny meetings to be as open as possible".

And don't mention not only are scrutiny hearings actually televised world wide they are in fact streamed live via webcam world wide......but not in Jersey.

It looks pretty obvious they weren't publishing a well informed, well balanced "News" story it looks more like trying to fool the public into believing we have an open and transparent Government and no-one else does.

Shame on you Filthy Rag, shame on you!

Anonymous said...

The beauty of it is is they are getting less and less readers to fool. More people are getting switched on to the internet. Not long now and the rag will be paying for all its sins.

Anonymous said...

Oh how the mighty (Rag) will fall.
You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool us all for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Filthy Rag; Filthy - Filthy Rag