Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Woolies scandal; Deloittes acting illegally?

We on "the voice" have been asking for weeks by what authority the UK administrators Deloittes and Hilco have been operating in Jersey. And now surprise, surprise! it has been revealed they have not obtained the authority of the Jersey Royal Court, so this could mean they have been acting illegally!

How can so many highly qualified people get it so wrong and who is protecting the rights of the Woolies workers and other creditors? We are still asking - "where is the money?, where are the assets", and "why are none of our local "Journalists" demanding any answers"?

Senator Alan Maclean (the relevant Minister) who believes that Jersey is "well regulated" does not appear to have the answers! Deputy Tadier in his first few weeks in the States is evidently on the trail.

Enjoy the video!


Anonymous said...

Good interviews - McLean looking as shifty as ever. Good old Monty posing the awkward questions. At last we seem to maybe seeing the beginnings of intelligent opposition.

Thank you voice for Jersey for bringing this to us - better than the established media - and balanced.

Keep up the postings!

rico sorda said...


Now is the time for the media to be asking some serious questions.. Not our village media but a new media one with honesty..


rico sorda said...

So ozouf thinks deloittes registered in the royal court on friday.... Again after the horse has bolted are the assets still in the island just what the bloody hell is going on with our government..

Have deloittes been breaking the law and how come our government just stood back & let it happen.

And lets not forget it was a member of the public that walked into the states greffe and checked..

bloody disgrace


Anonymous said...

Senator Ozouf was asked specifically whether Deloittes had applied to the courts on the Radio Jersey Sunday phone in this morning. He said they MAY have applied last Friday.

Either they have or they haven't? What is the case in Jersey law, if they have been working over here without the required application(s), from the Royal Court?

voiceforchildren said...

As far as I am aware Deloittes will be applying for application to the Royal Court this coming Friday.

I've no idea what the legal situation is if Deloittes have been working over here without the Royal Court's say so. As you will have seen on the video Senator Maclean hasn't dealt with that question and believes it is up to the Royal Court to decide, passing the buck?