Tuesday, 22 July 2014

voiceforchildren: The Skull, The Evidence and the media.

voiceforchildren: The Skull, The Evidence and the media.: With the role of the media and its relationship with governments being in the spotlight thanks to the News of the World scandal. We once mor...

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Click HERE for Ex Deputy Wimberley's Press Release said...

Timely reminders as always VFC

Readers should ensure that they do NOT miss the latest pasting


this covers a Press Release by Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley and the 10 detailed questions he has sent to the Jersey child abuse and cover up inquiry and it's disappearing ToRs

and requires answers to if he is to consider giving evidence to the inquiry.

For some (not necessarily suspicious) reason that latest voiceforchildren posting has still not appeared on the blogspot "blog list"

We may yet have a fit for purpose CoI, but only thanks to the efforts of bloggers and dedicated individuals like Mr. Wimberley.