Friday, 22 October 2010

Shenton (or "accredited" media) Exposed.

So Senator Ben (P9-26) Shenton believes that States Members should be paid by what title they hold, Minister, Assistant Minister etc. It is no wonder that he doesn’t want States Members to be paid by adhering to the oath they take, part of which says “ the greatest responsibility as an elected representative is to be in the states chamber and vote on behalf of their constituents.”

St Saviour Deputy Jeremy Macon has (in my opinion) completely exposed Senator Shenton and his “populist” propositions regarding States Members pay, for what they are…….”populist.” So who now is going to bring a proposition that States Members get paid by the amount of votes they are present for?………………..Not Senator Shenton that’s for sure!

Deputy Macon has published a Press Release along with the statistics of those present, or not, to do what they are supposed to do, and that is, to vote in order to “represent” the people who put them there.

Just as revealing is how Deputy Macon’s statistics expose (in my opion) the inadequacies of our “accredited” media. Why have they never worked out these statistics, or if they have, then why have they never published/broadcast them? I’ve come to learn that it took the Deputy less than an hour to compile these statistics, yes that’s less than an hour.

I’m quite sure BBC Jersey will come out with the old “we haven’t got the budget or resources” sketch, that’s why they don’t publish or broadcast such revealing statistics about our elected “representatives”. Well I’ve got a solution to that. The next time they send Roger Barra half way across the world to report on a minority sport like cricket, after he’s checked in at the airport (an hour before the flight) he could spend that hour gathering statistics about our elected “representatives” from the States website, just like Deputy Macon did, problem solved!!

Deputy Macon Press Release.

Press release - States members who are not present in the chamber to vote

During the debate over States members remuneration where by Senator Shenton was arguing that states member should receive remuneration according to their title (Minister, Chairman, etc) arguing that these were roles of greater reconcilability.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon revealed the number of times that all states member had not been present to vote. He argued that because of the oath of office taken by states members that the greatest responsibility as an elected representative was to be in the states chamber and vote on behalf of their constituents.

From January 2009 (when the current house began to debate public business) to October 2010 there had been a total of 520 votes. (Not including the votes taken beginning the week 19th of October)

Out of the 53 three member those at the bottom were

49. Connétable Graeme Buycher of St John not present for a total of 126 votes
50.Senator Freddie Cohen not present for a total of 136
51.Senator Ben Shenton not present for a total of 139 (over a fifth of all votes taken in the time period)
52.Connétable Simon Crowcroft of St Helier not present for a total of 142 votes
53.Deputy Geoff Southern of St Helier not present for a total of 192 votes

Out of the 53 member those at the top were:-

3.Deputy Rob Duhamel of St Saviour not present for a total of 6 votes
2.Deputy Bob Hill of St Martin not present for a total of 2 votes
1.Deputy Jeremy Maçon of St Saviour not present of a total of 1 vote

Notes to the Editor:-

All of the voting records can be found at

All votes are a matter of public record

When votes are recorded illness, being excused and being away on states business are recorded as such. Thus, a not present vote in only recorded when a member has been present for the role call and left the chamber not to return in time for a vote. A not present vote is recorded only when the appel is called for (the electronic vote where member have to push their buttons). Standing votes do not record who is and who is not present.

Any question can be directed to Deputy Jeremy Maçon

Senator Le Gresley was exempt as he came in on a by-election and had not served the same term as other members - but for the record he has also not been present for 1 vote in his 4 month term.

The information of all member is attached in an excel spread sheet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Deputy Macon - a most informative exercise which says an awful lot really.

In my experience of sitting in on States meetings the worst offenders are indeed the Senators/Ministers, although I note 2 Constables and a Deputy are in the top 5.

Has Senator Shenton got a rather red face?

Anonymous said...

I think it is totally disgraceful that members are not in the states meetings. Its not as though it is every day of the week every year of their working life whilst in the their positions.

I hate meetings in general, but I get paid by my employer and am obliged to attend any meeting I am asked to attend. Whether or not I can offer anything to the meeting or take anything from it, I go because I have to as i am paid to and for the all the ones I dont want to go to there are many I will learn from even though I thought I wouldn't.

But it seems from the above, that if I am a member of the states and am paid to fulfill my employers duties,, yes us taxpayers, then I can buggger off and do something else instead.

They get paid a very good wage and if they cannot be bothered to sit through a few meetings then they should be sacked. I mean all they have to do is sit there, they dont have to say or do anything, apart from stamp their feet now and again. Is it too much to ask that they turn up and at the least pretend to be interested!

Maybe there should be a rule that if you have not voted a certain number of times during your tenure then you have to forfeit your seat.

Also, in this day and age, having a business to run outside the states meetings should not be an issue. If they are that worried that their own business cannot run itself for a few days, bar a major incident then they shouldnt have put themselves forward for their ego trip in the first place!

Anonymous said...

The one of the only times Shenton junior was in the House, was to vote against P9-26.
Deputy Macon was ofcourse also in the House that day and used his vote wisely.
For his constituency!

Anonymous said...

Excellent real news VFC, yet again. I was very suprised that Geoff Southern was the member who is not there to vote, out of all of the States members. Really, the worst member out of the whole house.

This gives me two thoughts, either he is not really interested ( which I doubt ) or he is very arrogant. He may argue that his deep research on major issues, is more important than minor issues being debated, which I think most of us would understand. So lets be generous, he misses a small percentage of votes, but not 192 on far ranging issues.

This is more ducking than striving.

Well done Deputy Macon, a useful piece of information to islanders, in a progressively secretive government.

Davey West.

Anonymous said...

Does Deputy Shenton wants members paid for their Status not their input?

Ian Evans said...

Thought you might like a COPY VFC.

Dick said...

Deputy Trevor Pitman clearly had old 'Empty Seat' Shenton sussed with his comments in the States. What a total hypocrite this Senator is running to the media about reducing other people's pay when he is taking our cash and disappearing off to his finance office. A joke.

Anonymous said...

Spotted letter in JEP from his Father denouncing the calibre of some of the present States members,compared to days of old.
Is he aware of his offsprings poor voting records?Is he proud of his achievements or lack of them ?

Anonymous said...

Tonights JEP Mr. Shenton ''The real decisions are made outside of the States''

Aint that the truth!

Anonymous said...

It would be great if this was posted as a cut out and keep with the scissor marks around it as a reminder for people come elections.

Anonymous said...

im gonna go for a place as a states member,free parking in town,and all the other free stuff they get and then once i am voted in i can be at home when the states have a meeting,and decorate my house im sure that would be ok as all the others are there to vote and do the other stuff.being a states member seems like a free ride in life get paid loads and do nothing at all for it.