Sunday, 11 July 2010

Let’s “play ball”?

After the Sates and their Communications Unit have repeatedly refused to accept “Team Voice” as “Media” and after Team Voice have played along with all the daft “rules” of the establishment, as in the completely un-workable three day notice for filming Scrutiny Hearings and abiding by all media embargoes we have become very tired of it all.

We have repeatedly been leaked documents, and not reported on Court Cases that have been embargoed, and adhered to these restrictions. However after once more not being "included", this time in the distribution the “cherry picked” Wiltshire Report, by the Communications Unit, although in fairness we believe it was the decision of the Home Affairs Minister or his Department. We explained that as they refuse to treat us with any kind of recognition, then that would inevitably result in us not “playing ball” any longer, but that is their decision not ours.

The absolutely disgraceful decision of the Chief Minister’s Department to furnish the “accredited” media with a copy of the cherry picked Wiltshire Report, without supplying CPO Power with a copy and then “refusing” States Members and Team Voice a copy, “the inevitable” is about to happen.

Team Voice were leaked a copy just hours after it was released to the media and as we are not recognized as “accredited” media, we have no obligation to adhere to the “media” embargo.

Nonetheless to further prove, we are trying to work “with” the powers that be we will not breach the embargo but will publish a “cherry picked” paragraph from the cherry picked Wiltshire Report. We will do this for two reasons. That is to give our readers/viewers a “flavour” of this almost laughable Report and also to let the powers that be know that we are not bluffing.

It is time for the powers that be to start playing ball, we’ve proved that we are willing to!

Excerpt from Cherry picked Wiltshire.

"During the course of our investigation, thousands of States of Jersey Police e-mails relating to CO Power were assessed by Operation Haven Personnel. Two, in particular, are noteworthy for their inappropriateness. One on 23 February 2008 (the day of the significant “find” at Haut de la Garenne) indicates at best, a flippant or dismissive attitude or at worst, a contemptuous attitude towards some elected politicians, but which on either interpretation set a poor example to DCO Harper who read it. However, one dated 29 February 2008 contains “joke” comments which are considered simply inexcusable by this inquiry. This e-mail was sent from the Force e-mail system to a friend and former colleague of CO Power in the United Kingdom. The appropriateness of the e-mails is reflected in the charges suggested against CO Power."

Submitted by Team Voice.


Anonymous said...

Is that it?

If you have a copy of the report just stick the whole lot up.

Rob Kent said...

Re, "The appropriateness of the e-mails is reflected in the charges suggested against CO Power."

Er, does that mean that what he said in them was appropriate with regards to the politicians he was joking about and that is why they decided to get rid of him?

Two emails out of thousands? I would be exceedingly surprised that if you examined the emails sent internally and externally in any organization you couldn't come up with dozens that could be interpreted negatively with hindsight.

It would be interesting to read the emails between Frank Walker and Bill Ogley regarding Stuart Syvret, Graham Power, Lenny Harper, and Operation Rectangle. Even better would be to have a transcript of their private conversations.

What about the emails sent from Senator Perchard to a journalist on the Daily Mail in which he leaked a confidential email sent by Graham Power? I wonder if they are still available.

It will be interesting to see the full report but I would not have thought that sending 'inappropriate emails' that joke about local politicians provides grounds for 'serious misconduct'.

Anonymous said...

So, all this money, all this hyperbole from ILM, about the "poor management of the enquiry" by Graham Power, all of the venom from ILM, and Wiltshire were reduced to criticising two 'inappropriate emails? What about their comments in respect of the actual running of the enquiry? Did they reccomend any discipline charges in respect of that, or only the e mails?

Anonymous said...

I doubt they will put the full report up because it destroys Power.

Anonymous said...

What is "inapropriate" in the politically correct madhouse of the UK nowadays may be perfectly acceptable to us more sane and balanced individuals. Lenny Harper

voiceforchildren said...

Re; "I doubt they will put the full report up because it destroys Power."

You obviously haven't read the report. And you obviously haven't read the main text of this Blog. It explains that we (Team Voice) are "playing ball" and are adhering to the media embargo. Go back and read it again before shooting off at the hip with unfounded allegations.

Anonymous said...

"This laughable Report"

People are right you are only on one side and one side only. No wonder you are no longer being recognised as a credible news site anymore because you only write what you want to hear your selves.

Anonymous said...

A good way to be a step ahead is for Lenny Harper or Graham Power to let VFC know the contents of these couple of email jokes(out of thousands assessed) which resulted in Graham Power's suspension. Bet they are not half as bad a some of the jokes being passed around the SOJ intranet!?

Is this possible VFC/VFJ, or do you already know?

voiceforchildren said...

Re; "Is this possible VFC/VFJ, or do you already know?"

Yes, they are published in the report. And I dare say, like you do, "they are not half as bad a some of the jokes being passed around the SOJ intranet".

Rob Kent said...

Talking about inappropriate emails, anyone remember the email Senator Ben Shenton sent to his colleagues?

"During the 2008 police investigation into child abuse on the island, Shenton wrote an email which undermined the police chief in charge, Lenny Harper, stating 'My wife keeps referring to Lenny Harper as Lenny Henry - I don't think she's far wrong.'" (

I wonder if the police team subsequently shared any private comments or emails about the integrity of Senator Shenton? That would be terrible wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a couple of desenting posts. The truth is finally on its way and certain people are getting worried. Smashing!

The Beano is not the Rag

Ian Evans said...

"a flippant or dismissive attitude or at worst, a contemptuous attitude towards some elected politicians."

MY GOD, is it really that serious???

Let's be fair now, most people in Jersey have a contemptuous attitude towards many of the elected politicians!!!


Anonymous said...

Why didnt they get Ourchap-Chapman on the case, would have been cheaper than the Wiltshire Report....
Then again how much did that inconclusive Chapman Report cost?!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Mr Power we have no option but to suspend you, in fact you should consider your position because we have it on good authority that you sent two emails making jokes of politicians! Wow

Surely his will now be open season, for any jokes made by politicians and sent by email!

Anonymous said...

You have just proven that you can not adhere to an embargo! You have also proven you will attempt underhand methods in order to get your own way, little surprise you remain unaccredited media. And as far as impartial reporting goes its beyond a joke!

Anonymous said...

It just gets worse.
Le Marquand will obviously throw a sickie tomorrow and leave Hilton to deal with it, she will say that she knows nothing about it because she has not been kept informed. This time though Le Marquand is realy sick, with a nervous break down.

Well he has been showing symtoms if this lately, just look at his body language in his latest interview on Channelonline?!

Anonymous said...

[And as far as impartial reporting goes its beyond a joke!]

The biggest joke ward has to go to the JEP who ignored facts supplied by Lenny Harper, now that was blatantly 'partial'.

Those moaning about the 'leak' to voiceforjersey must have forgotten how ILM bypassed his States colleagues before by telling the 'controlled' media first.

Anonymous said...

Somebody on here is getting seriously agitated,I love it!

GeeGee said...

Dearie me! - if this extract is setting the tone of the 'seriousness' of the rest of the remainder of the report, Ian Le Marquand is really going to be a laughing stock.

Perhaps you could let us know VFC.

In all honesty, I am sure most people following this farce have the same opinion of 75% of our politicians, and moreso people reading all this from outside the Island.

Furthermore I am sure Lenny Harper is enough of his own man not to be led astray!! by comments which no doubt he was in full agreement with in any event.

What an absolute joke.

Anonymous said...

They examined thousands of e mails involving Graham Power. Do they then comment on the near criminal attempts by politicians and the top civil servant to interfere with police independence and blatant attempts to sway decisions they didn't like? They must have read those e mails. Two out of thousands were "inappropriate?" I remember not one being inappropriate, nor one likely to sway me in any way except perhaps to marvel at Graham's restraint and ability to tactfully understate even in the face of severe provocation from politicians who could not hold a candle to him. The only e mail I remember to a colleague in the UK was to the HMI laying out the extent of political interference and the danger to the island if the politicians succeeded in being able to make the Police Chief bend to their biased whims. Wait a minute................
What is happening now? Lenny Harper

Anonymous said...

When reading the forthcoming 'cherry picked' so called evidence against GP, readers should take note of Dr Bain's summing up of the original reasons behind GP's suspension, I quote:


Dr. T. Brain:
Thank you. It is appreciated that under paragraph 2.3.3 the Chief Officer may be suspended from duty on full pay by the Home Affairs Minister, pending the outcome of procedures in relation to: “More serious circumstances.” These more serious circumstances are not defined. It is not contested, and in my view there is no doubt, that the historic child abuse inquiry and the investigation at the Haut de la Garenne home amounts to a serious case but that is not the test of suspension under the code of conduct. To require immediate action in terms of suspension it would have to relate to an issue of personal misconduct, of which there has never been any suggestion, or a serious lapse of public confidence, of which there is no evidence, or a systemic
mismanagement of the force which had become critical in some way. There certainly is no evidence of the latter. On the contrary, the latest Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary’s report for the Island praises the force for its management.

GeeGee said...

'The only e mail I remember to a colleague in the UK was to the HMI laying out the extent of political interference and the danger to the island if the politicians succeeded in being able to make the Police Chief bend to their biased whims. Wait a minute................'

Thanks for that Lenny - says it all really. Political interference seems to be acceptable when it suits the agenda at the time.

Now, when questioned on police matters in the States Mr Le Marquand says he cannot possibly interfere or provide information on police issues!! How things change or is this a massive case of (convenient) double standards?