Tuesday, 8 September 2009

May God Forgive You!

Today Jersey Care Leaver Carrie Modral held a Press Conference in response to the past two weeks of intense, one-sided, media coverage of this confusing and dreadful scandal.

This is just the latest chapter of institutional failure for the abuse victims.

Once again, they have been mere bystanders whilst the Jersey Police and others fight in public over the merits of evidence for abuse inflicted over decades and the handling of recent Police investigations.

Here Carrie Modral speaks for so many of the abuse victims and their never ending anguish that they have endured for so long and are still suffering.

CTV and JEP only were present, from mainstream local media, at this Press Conference.

We at “The Voice” will post the full text of Carrie Modral’s Press Statement shortly.
These wholly innocent victims of abuse should not have to beg for justice.
Submitted by Team Voice.


GeeGee said...

Everything that needs to be said has been said here by Carrie.
Time now for those people who have doubted the investigation, the integrity of Lenny Harper and his team and most importantly the stories of the victims themselves to join their supporters in ensuring a full and independant review of this whole affair in order that this cover-up is exposed once and for all.
Oh what a tangled web 'they' weave!

Anonymous said...

How much of this do you think channelonline would have broadcast if it wasn't for bloggers like you? not very much me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Carrie is to be congratulated for her bravery in making this statement on behalf of the care leavers. She conducted herself in a professional, caring manner, with dignity. Her bravery is a credit to her and her supporters who have given her the confidence to speak out.

A much more moving, honest, statement than Gradwell would ever be capable of making.

Those who have abused the care leaver yet again should hang their heads in shame, those who have the responsibility of bringing those abusers to Justice should hang their heads in shame. They are a disgrace to your community.

Amazing how Lenny Harper et al gave those abuse survivors the platform to speak out, now they have had yet more abuse from those responsible for Justice, shame on you and yes if there is a God he needs to help those who are committing further abuse on people who have carried the baggage of abuse all their lives to yet again insulted.

A Uk supporter in the need for Justice in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Well done Carrie. Keep up the good fight!


Dannie said...

Well done Carrie

Big hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The anger about the Jersey media needs to be properly organised and off-line.
BBC Jersey is especially blameworthy and it is supposed to provide an impartial public service.

A coordinated effort could take the smug grins off their over fed BBC faces. We should make initial moves off-line through available networks.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say thank you all for your kind words but I was so incensed with the coverage awarded to Gradwell over the last two weeks by our local media, I felt I had to take the bull by the horns and speak out on behalf of the victims. Yet more damage has been done and nobody in authority seems to care, I cannot believe our Government is allowing this to happen, they are an absolute disgrace.

I have been asked by a few people why I put myself though this ordeal in calling a press conference instead of just sending the press statement to the media for release. The answer is simple; words laid out on a piece of paper can sometimes appear meaningless, those same words needed to be spoken with the same passion and conviction that was felt when they were first written and, as you have witnessed in the video, I so very nearly lost it! Thank you so much to my co-writer, without your help I know that this statement would not have been received with the same impact as it has and you deserve equal if not more credit than me. And finally, thank you to all those that attended at such short notice, without you I would not have had the guts to go through with it and I am sorry if I made you jump when I slammed the papers down!!

Why did I not say more about Gradwell and his lies? I did try, but ultimately the statement had to be approved by the committee as a whole and therefore, with some regret but understandably, some of the contents had to be removed. We still need to tread carefully as there are still ongoing cases and I for one do not want to jeopardise anyone’s chances and I do hope you understand.

Right, what’s next?


Jacques said...

My thoughts are with Carrie and all the abuse survivors. No retreat. No surrender.

Anonymous said...

Well done Carrie. I am so afraid that there are people who were abused who don't know about the support blogs and groups. I know that in Staffordshire we Pindown survivors have been deliberatly kept isolated from each other. I worry that is also happening in Jersey. I have found very few other Pindown survivors, I did ask Staffordshire Social Services to pass on my contact address to other survivors, but they haven't, and the other survivors I have been able to contact I have met because of my leafleting and blog. You talk about the reabuse, that is absolutly correct, its hard to heal and be able to "get over " child abuse when you are being crushed and decieved and persecuted all over again. I worry that there are abuse survivors in Jersey that are falling into the same sort of depression that I was in, and don't realise that there are other survivors who want to support them, that they don't have to feel alone, and they dont have to feel dirty and ashamed of what was done to them because it was not their fault. People who were abused as children tend to fall into self loathing, it is so destructive. If the authorities are deliberatly keeping survivors apart they are denying them a source of support and that is reabuse.


Anonymous said...

They pulled the plug on Stuart Syvret's Christmas message when he spoke about the abuse. I think that Carrie's statement ought to be broadcast this Christmas in the Jersey senate, as part of this years Christmas toast. Then the Senate should all get on their knees and ask God to forgive them for letting so many children in State care be abused, and for re abusing the survivors of the abuse. I don't suppose they ever would do such a thing, but I do know that if they did God WOULD forgive them and a blast of fresh air would surge through the whole Senate. There are people sitting in that Senate who are not child abusers, but they have been silent when they ought to have spoken out, and doing that has meant that the abusers got away with what they did, and those people should hold up their hands and admit it. I can understand why people cover up child abuse, when they are so scared, but it has to all stop now, things have got to change, the abuse must stop, no more children can be allowed to go through this and the victims of the abuse must be listened to. Carrie, you were wonderful, can you not get onto a Select Committee or something in the UK Parliament to talk about child abuse, how do you go about such things, does anyone know? David Rose had his say, I think we abuse survivors all ought to have ours.