Thursday, 6 August 2009

Book Now for the VBS Road show

When did you last speak with your Parish Constable?

Well, why not give him or her a call now and ask to discuss Proposition 121 which is coming our way soon.

It is possible that your Constable might know what the SVGA or ISA or POCA or POVA or even the CRB are but my guess is that this is unlikely but since he or she will already have received a copy of Proposition 121 in the States bag of papers – well you never know…….

But be sure to suggest that your Parish should book the CRB Vetting and Barring Scheme Roadshow soon because it’s sure to be a sell-out and you don’t want your Parish to miss out this autumn when Part V of the Police Act 1997 becomes law and you have to agree to apply for an Enhanced Disclosure to stay in your job or when you apply for another one………

Oh, and why not ask if your Parish will have a branch of the new Jersey Vetting Bureau too because it could save everybody a great deal of time and money if you could be put through the vetting process in the comfort of your own Parish – among friends so to speak – rather than be subjected to an impersonal and anonymous “car wash” like process in the UK.

I say speak to your Constable rather than your Deputy or the Dozen Senators who “represent” you because he or she is nearer to the everyday policing process and will no doubt have a much better knowledge of such procedures. And who knows you might be related by marriage or something. Also, since Parish duties carry on all the year round your ever diligent Constable is less likely to be swanning around the Caribbean taking a well deserved vacation whilst the States is in recesss….

And talking of money, ask your Constable if the projected cost of this new Vetting Bureau at £98,000 for 2009 is for the full year because Proposition 121 will only be enacted after October so that the cost for a full year could be considerably more…….

And perhaps your Constable can explain why this legislation is in the unusual form of an Order in Council – like it’s direct from Her Majesty herself – so it must be very important. Ask how this works and how on earth we can possible refuse it if it’s really an Order from the Queen our Duke…….?

And why are we discussing it at all, if we don’t have a choice……..?
Submitted by Thomas Wellard.


Anonymous said...

I take it you've contacted your Parish Constable then?

Anonymous said...

An approach has been made inviting the Constable of the Parish to call a public meeting.
Your turn.