Thursday, 14 May 2009

bugged with conspiracy.

Yesterday “news” hound Gillian (Paxman) Maritindale got what would seem like the scoop of her career. Channel Television led with this world wide exclusive “revelation” It was headline news on the 6 o’clock channel report.

What was this major exclusive revelation, that deserved to be the lead story? Was it that the Attorney General had admitted to obstructing the police in prosecuting child abusers? Was it an interview with a top Civil Servant or Politician commenting on the allegations there is a possibility we had a mass murderer employed at our hospital who hasn’t been sufficiently investigated? Was it a senior Civil Servant or Politician commenting on the allegations we have a Senior Civil Servant in our Education department that could possibly be a child abuse suspect? Was it the Attorney General admitting our States members phones are being tapped? Was it a senior Civil Servant or Politician telling us why an ex cop, still employed by the States, has been arrested four times under suspicion of child abuse and been released without charge every time?

No, don’t be silly, this is Jersey and Channel Television we are talking about! None of the above is real “news” items. The massive scoop and revelation was a Parish Deputy has a couple of drinks and got his head down in the States building……. STOP THE PRESS, SHOCK HORROR!! This is on par with a newly elected (one of the youngest) politicians taking advice from his mother!! What are we to do? The General public will be horrified by all this and it is all groundbreaking investigative “Journalism”. We really must bring it to the publics attention in case they start worrying about trivial issues like a corrupt Government covering up for child abusers etc.

Personally I was a little more concerned that our elected “representatives” phones might be tapped and asked Gillian (Paxman) Martindale if she would be “grilling” the AG in the same manner in this respect. She told me she had filed a report the day before on that subject. I watched that report where she didn’t interview the AG and gave us, what appeared to be, her own view which was “the conspiracy theory lives to die another day”.

As you will see (above) Deputy Trevor Pitman gave me his interpretation of the AG’s “answer” to the very frightening reality our Politicians phones might be tapped. Can we as the general public afford to dismiss these possibility’s as conspiracy theories. Should we be more concerned that Parish Deputies are working late (drunk or not) in the States Building?


Jill Gracia said...

This really proves it - the 'accredited' media in Jersey are dead. Bring on citizens media!
Monty's misdemeanour (if indeed it was), headlines. What an absolute joke.
Are they using these silly 'non-stories' as a smoke screen to avoid printing real news. Has Montford done anything illegal, harmful or otherwise - NO.
We really must despair, JEP headlines tonight 'in flight ban on scary book covers'. Nothing to do with Jersey Airport even, but Heathrow! Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Gillian Martindale.. Did she really imply that it was very unprofessional to be working after having consumed two glasses of wine?

Setting herself up for a fall?


Word also has it that, if you know the right places and times to look, you might find police officers asleep in their vehicles while on night 'duty'.

Tax payers money 'n' all...!

Anonymous said...

Trevor Pitman is one of the best things to happen to the states. He takes no shit and says it how it is we could do with a lot more like him. He's hardworking and honest he obviously supports citizens media too. I didn't vote for him last time but i will next time.

Mags said...

You would think there was little else to report of over here.
all smoke and mirrors,a common ploy used when serious issues need to be hidden.
Reporting at it's worst,and does nothing to back them up as being impartial.

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to find the time to do all this good work, and still hold down a full time job ?

Dan Marsh said...

Mags - I'm guessing that you're referring to the recent non-story of Montford Tadier working late, and nodding off?

Mags said...

In answer to Dan Marsh -Yes I was referring to the fact that the media pick up on non news rather than look at what is seriously going on in the Island .
Perhaps trivia sells more copy,and makes for lazy and sloppy journalism.