Tuesday, 21 April 2009

police state? Democracy?

Jersey “Democracy” took a further dive today when the States (Jersey government) refused to debate the circumstances surrounding the police raid on Senator Syvret’s home and the consequences of that action.

Just like the raid on Damien Green MP at Westminster the Jersey police raid has raised a multitude of very important questions but unlike the UK - where there has already been an enquiry and a critical report published - the Jersey Oligarchy has resisted examination once again!

Senator Stuart Syvret (our most senior politician) had his home raided and all sorts of confidential information taken away because he has (like Damien Green) been daring to expose all sorts of defects in the administration of justice and government in Jersey.

He has even published information on an alleged mass murderer employed at our General Hospital and he has challenged , among many other things the investigation into the Haute De La Garenne children’s home scandal.

So today, true to form the Jersey government decided 20 - 25 votes with our Home Affairs Minister (Home Secretary equivalent) abstaining, that the general public shall not know whether the action was legal, who ordered it or whether it is safe to give confidential information to our elected representatives.

We are told that the raid was carried out in accordance with Data Protection law requirements but we can find no authority under that law for such a raid.

Bloggers - once again - must be especially vigilant because it is that Data Law which is most likely to be used to curtail our activities.

Have we got an out of control Police force? Have we got a Police force doing the dirty work for our “ruling elite”? Is this typical Democratic behaviour? Who can we communicate with in confidence if not our elected officials?

These are very worrying times here in Jersey.


Anonymous said...

This lack of accountability is actually providing Stuart with more credible evidence to help with his case. The "ruling elite" keep digging a deeper hole for themselves and whilst doing so, "shafting Jersey internationally".

Anonymous said...

Worrying time for Jersey and also the UK - this is not just happening in Jersey!


Anonymous said...

It was perhaps predictable that the States would not debate the issue. They allowed sentiment to blur their judgment – visceral abhorrence of Senator Syvret trumps any kind of concern for civil liberties or parliamentary privilege. They, the Establishment Party, are all quite happy that Syvret got his comeuppance and see nothing wrong with a bit of state repression against opponents - there should be more of it. They are just a bit upset that something incriminating was not found immediately during the search. These people are highly dangerous as they are blind an issue of great public interest.

At least Senator Cohen (and Gorst) deserves a little praise for supporting the Proposition. One suspects he understood the issue of oppression of opponents of the State given his concern about anti Semitism. It helps to have an historical perspective. Senator Le Marquand was clearly struggling between his conscience and his loyalty to the Party of Government. As the Minister of Internal Affairs he should have had a lot to explain. Do the Police operate without any political oversight in their “operational matters”? Once suspects it was the AG that had the final say and not the Minister for Home Affairs. The raid was a political decision. It’s all very disconcerting that our liberties, which we take for granted in a liberal democracy, are shown to be extremely fragile. But then this is Jersey and we live in fear of the government and its apparatus. Who will be next?

The Public demands an explanation and those responsible must be accountable.

Anonymous said...

How I agree with the above comments. 4 months in to a new year and we have nothing but bad news emanating from our States Assembly.
Any thinking person must feel the frustrations that Stuart Syvret does, no wonder he feels the need to vent his feelings so strongly on his blog. This whole sorry episode could have been debated yesterday, and if as Stuart suspects the AG had the major part to play in all this, why does he not admit it.
As per the previous poster, some one must be accountable.